AIDS Partners

AIDS treatment enables recovery, long li​fe, and prevents transmission of the virus to others.

Since 2007, AIDS Partners has been setting up and funding programs testing, prevention, and treatment of AIDS and TB in Burma. It's mission has been to use all donations with integrity and maximal efficiency for the benefit of the 250,000 people in need of treatment in one of the poorest countries in Asia. Your donation will go directly to this grass roots effort in a well-organized, efficient program.  Nothing will be taken out for administrative overhead.

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AIDS Partners

The LUCKY FEW:  These HIV(+) orphans get  food and medicine to keep them alive in an orphanage.

This newborn, along with 50% of those born HIV(+) will die before age 2 unless she receives treatment.

She was trafficked to China and had an HIV(+) baby before she was put on AIDS medicine which prevented transmission to this second baby. 

With no food and no medicine, this 43 year old widow from Mandalay is dying in her small thatched ro​of hut.

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